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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Opening Rant

I considered calling this Blog 'Surviving the Theocracy', in reaction to the Bush re-election, but it didn't inspire me. I suppose I realized I wouldn't be able to sustain a lavel of contempt for a certain foriegn government long enough to actually make a blog worth making. So listening to the John Lenin song 'Imagine', I found a name that would reflect a broader spectrum of my interests. Thus this blog is both dedicated to a sustained attack against Bush and virtually everything he represents, but also my support for a variety of things that have little or nothing to do with American politics.

So, here is my statement of purpose: to blog, and by blogging, to clarify in my own mind what I beleive, as well as creating a dialogue with others about those thoughts. I'd like to say this is purely apersonal exercise, that if no one reads it I'll get just as much out of it- but that would be a lie. I want others to read, and to respond to, what I say here. If I didn't I'd just write it all in a word document on my hard drive.

Politically, I am about as far left as it is possible to reasonably be on social issues, and much more centrist, possibly a little right of centre, on fiscal issues. I believe that we, the world, society, what have you, have a very long way to go before we can be really proud of our society, yet I also see the progress we have made from centuries and decades past, and I am pleased enough. We must do what we can for everyone who cannot do for themselves- but to commit to doing more than we can do is as harmful as ignoring our responsibilities in the first place. This is all deliberately vague and broad, but on purpose, for to go into specific details would be the work of many months, not one post.

I am a Canadian, a Philosopher, a Student, a wanna-be blogger, and Idealist, a Realist, an Atheist, and a Shit disturber.

If you think the Bible is anything more than an interesting insight into the thoughts of the easily brainwashed, don't ever bother to read my blog, it won't have anything you'll agree with.

My claim to authority on any subject is my own use of critical thinking. If you have evidence that shows me to be wrong or can point out a logical flaw in my arguements, I welcome your input. If you 'don't agree' with me but can't say why, please go away. By electing Bush, the ignorant people of the world have shown they have power. I don't have the charisma to convince someone of something if they won't listen to reason, so I won't bother to try.

Thus it begins.


At 2:17 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. Keep writing.


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