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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Purpose Statement

I was accosted by some evangelicals the other day. They were friendly and polite but they kept talking about god. I think I stood my ground fairly well, I didn't go on the offensive which is what I wish I'd done, but I didn't give any ground either. Anyway, there is something that bothers me about the culture war with the religious. The problem is this: we are seen by them as sad, disfunctional types who just don't GET it. We fit into their worldview. Not that their worldview is particularly complete, but at least we atheists have a place in it. I think it is time to explain religion as more that just a social disfunction- though that is true of it. It needs a better, more comprehensive explanation. This is a part of what I want to do here, it's somethign I've touched on before, but it's is something I want to do as part of a more comprehensive philosophy.


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