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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

On Gods and television

Have you noticed that tv characters have the same sort of archtypical nature as the gods of our ancestors? Much like one God is War, one is Wisdom, our heros on TV have exctreme personalities- they only care about a very specific set of things. I think the connection is obvious- wish fulfillment. We think 'if I were a Cop, I'd be dedicated and pure and I wouldn't sleep when there was a killer on the loose', much like our forebearers thought 'if I were a god, I would be dedicated to wisdom to such an extent that I would know everything'. Our aims have, perhaps, come down some, because of the relentless realism of our times (a good thing), but they still contain that air of thoughtless optimism- like anyone could so completely shed the weaknesses of being human just because of a 'calling'.


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