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Thursday, December 16, 2004


I have been commenting regularly on various posts over at God is for Suckers. It's a nice little site, and it gives me a chance to vent my spleen a little. Anyway, I've been commenting on a post about that nativity scene in which Mary and Joseph are David Beckham and his wife, Posh Spice. Apparently it's been defaced, and we were chatting about how typically christian this was. One of the Christians there (there are a lot of them who come and comment on the site- strange) asked why we atheists are so passionate about disproving God, and I pointed out that my passion is more about reducing the death grip this mythology has on our society.
I said this was my passion.
It's come up once or twice lately, in my own thoughts, and in conversation. People always babble about their passion, about the things that matter to them. My prior post, about TV's and Gods, sort of touched on the issue in that I felt that TV personalities were too passionate- they cared too much about one thing to even be real, they were just archetypes and wishful thinking. Passion always seemed to me to be a bit of a wonky thing to talk about. People do what they like doing, they fall into it, you don't have to plan out what you're going to care about.
Maybe this position needs some re-thinking.
A guy at work asked me about my passion lately, and I didn't really know what to say to him. There are things I like doing- mostly time killers like reading, gaming, but also some productive stuff, like this blog and other writing, paying attention to the world. I don't know that any of these things qualifies as a passion. There is nothign all consuming about any of them- I read for an hour, game for another, write for twenty minutes, watch TV- there is no single thing that absorbs me.
Perhaps I need to cultivate something like that. Start writing seriously again, like I was doing during the summer. But perhaps it isn't something that can be solved.
It makes me think of the way we're set up- that we have a set of desires in our head and a state of being in the world, and we do what we can to bring the two into alignment. Most commonly we do this by adjusting the world in whatever ways we can, but if we could alter our desires to conform more closely to what we can get, we'd be just as happy. What it seems I need to do is either focus my desires on something I can acchieve, or figure out what it is that I can focus them on. Because clearly I'm not entirely satisfied with my reality.


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