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Friday, December 31, 2004

Goodbye 2004

Have to keep this short. I've promised myself I won't rant (much), which severely limits my options for creating words to fill this space. For me, 2004 wasn't a bad year, I moved once, got a little more education, recieved a raise or two, wrote a book, and had some fun. For the world, it was a pretty shitty year, though I'm looking back at it through the lens of this past week and that can't make anything look good. Bush got re-elected, enough said. Here in Canada, the political process made me vote twice, both times, shockingly, I got the result I was hoping for- federally we have a weakened but not defeated Liberal party, provincially Klien was unbeatable, but in my riding we replaced the conservative lackey with a conscience-driven doctor.
For 2005, I hope the world does better, but I have my doubts. They're looking to lift the beef ban, so it might be a good year for my local bit of the world, but internationally- well, lets just say my fears seem more plausible than my hopes. For myself, well, the list hasn't changed much, I'd like to get published, I'd like to find that special someone, I'd like to accomplish more and waste less. Whether any of this translates into a resolution, we'll have to see, I still have 15 hours to think about it. Oh, yes, in 2005 I'd like to procrastinate less too.
Have a good new years, and I'll be back with more rants early in the new year.


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