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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Random thoughts

No energy for a full post right now. Spent the day writing and WoWing, so looking at the screen kinda hurts. Plus my nearly-a-month-long now headache is back in full force, in spite of what I thought was a new and effective pain drug. Hopefully the doctors will figure it out soon and give me some sort of relief. I'm not too concerned that it is something 'serious', because I haven't had any of the additional symptoms that donote that sort of thing, basically I feel fine except for this unrelenting dull ache in my head.
Something I've long want to say but never had the right context to say it in, regarding when the Christians complain that they're being descriminated against or that things aren't Christian enough (like in the recent moves towards legalizing gay marriage in Canada- this makes me a very proud Canadian). What I'd like to say to these people is: the whole of europe was run by Christians for a thousand years. It was called the dark ages. Organized religion has stood in the way of every important social advince since the dawn of time. It DOESN'T WORK.
Ok, having said that, I'd like to qualify it by saying I've known many very smart, tolerant and good people who also happened to be christian. In fact, the majority of all people of faith I've known have been reasonable and compassionate. Only one group, american baptists, that I encountered in high school fall into the category of Bad Christian. So all my ranting against religion seems to apply only to a minority. It's just that this vocal and vicious minority seems to be able to speak and act with impunity as though it is representative of the larger group. Only when large numbers of Christians step forward to denounce the homophobes and creationists will I really be able to consider the group as a whole in a positive light. If you let someone else speak for you, you are responsible for what they say.


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