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Monday, November 14, 2005


So for a red-blooded Canadian male, I have a sad lack of experience with hockey. Tonight I did something to fix that by scoring some tickets to the flames game. It was sweet. The first two periods were tepid- some action but basically the flames seemed to be treading water. Then, the third- amazing! They started out down two. Got one back about 10 into the period- then it was like they realized they could score and totally went on the offensive. They scored another with two left and then the winning goal with just one minute remaining. Heres the great part. When they scored that final goal they were on a power play. The goal ended the powerplay, and then the flames got themselves 2 penalties with 30 seconds remaining- plus the wild pulled their goalie, so it was 6-3 in front of the flames net for the final 30 seconds of play. Amazing! Hockey rules. Flames are on a crazy winning streak. I need to score me some more tickets.


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