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Monday, November 14, 2005

It's about Vulnerability

I like Butterflies and Wheels, it's a reasonable site that takes people of all sides to task for being irrational. I wanted to comment at that site on an article I read there, but the commenst page seemed to be all aboput some other topic so I wasn't sure if it had been up for awhile and the conversation had gone another way or if the link was faulty. Anyway, My point is a short one. This article does a lot to popint out the flaws in the reasoning that leads people to religion when they're grieving. The myth is that religion has some special take on how to deal with painful events in life, and the artcle does a good job of succinctly pointing out the faulty assumptions and refuting them. The one thing it doesn't mention is why the religious tend to be so 'supportive' at times of tragedy. This is for the simple reason that when you're in deep emotional trauma you're vulnerable to things that normally you'd be able to see as hokey. You're in an ideal state to be converted. Religion doesn't offer comfort to people because it is somehow uniquely suited to offer comfort- it isn't. It does so because persons in the state of grief are uniquely vulnerable to evangelizing- and that is in the end all religion needs, more mindshare.


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