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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Bruce, Why?

First it was Mel Gibson. This is teh guy who did all the lethal weapon movies, staple action movies, and Braveheart, which is still one of the most fantastic movies of all time, easily in my all time top five, often sitting in the top spot for years at a time. I Loved Mel Gibson. There was always the hint, but i barely paid attention to tabloid crap about actors real lives- really, what I heard only worked in his favor: never divorced, lots of kids, damn, thats so rare in hollywood it's gotta be speacial. But the- oh dear god, WHY Mel, how could you do this to me? Passion of the Christ? A religious movie? A fucking SNUFF FILM? William Wallace no more. I literal fall from grace. I was always a cynic about the rich and famous, but this shocked me. It made me sad.

Arnold was nothing next to that. Arnold, really, did nothing that surprised me at all. But I can't watch the terminatior movies any more. Really, his political viewpoint is basically sane. The only thing that disappointed me about the whole episode was that some guy got elected to office based on his career as an action hero. Come on people! Gah.

Tom Cruise was never my favorite. I didn't get into top gun like most people. I thought the MI films were interesting but standrad fare. Still, he's Tom Cruise- the biggest action star by many estimates. Now it turns out he's a freaking Scientologist. Dude, this religion is even more made up than the rest. The founder SAID it was a made up religion. The whole knocking-up Katie Holms thing was typical superstar stuff, but it doesn't disguise the scientology. This guy needs to re-hire the pr people who kept this quiet all those years. Meanwhile I'm not gonna see 'MI3' or 'War of the Worlds 2' or 'Battlefield Earth Reloaded' or whatever this dude's next project is. Not gonna finance his next step on the spiritual hierachy. Thats how you 'advance' in the ranks of teh scientologists, by paying for it. And they don't realize it's just a fucking scam. He sends his kids to a school run by them! Tom Cruise is dumber than toast. Katie Holms DNA doesn't deserve this.

Really, Bruce Willis supporting the war in Iraq and offering a million bucks for various sundry terrorists is small potatos. But still. He was one of my last hopes.

Ok, so expecting much of people because they happen to be action heros is kinda lame. But I wish they weren't all such fuckwits.


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